Recording Sessions

Whether you are planning on a commercial release or self-publishing, Art Music Recording will help you produce the most compelling artistic product possible. 

To get the process started, contact Art Music Recording to discuss your vision for the project. Once we've determined a few factors, Art Music Recording will prepare a proposal (or, if needed, multiple-scenario proposals).

For a full-length CD, several days of sessions should be scheduled. Art Music Recording can come to the location of your choosing, or will work with you to choose the most favorable location in which to record.

Art Music Recording producer Jamey Lamar works closely with you during and after the sessions to craft the musical result you want. During this process, you will be able to download secure, password-protected edit checks for perusal.

Finally, Art Music Recording can also create the final, replication-ready master. Throughout the process, you and your project will receive the detailed artistic attention and service it deserves.

Live recording

In venues large or small, Art Music Recording can help you not just preserve a special performance (or perhaps a whole series of them), but capture the music with a richness and warmth you'll love. 


Sometimes you just need to prepare a sample of your work. Or perhaps you just have some rep under your fingers that you want to lay down while it's hot. Recordings can also be useful for the purpose of preparing a grant proposal, for outreach or educational projects, to liven up your website, etc.

Contact Art Music Recording to discuss your project — we can help.

Classical Music Programs & Lectures

Jamey is also an active pre-concert lecturer and program annotator. Find out more here.

What about costs?

Your recording project is unique. Please send us a message with some details about your project and we will create an custom proposal that meets your budget and your high standards.

Contact Jamey